Asus P5AD2-E Premium Bios 1.03 Driver Download for Free


  • Category: Firmware
  • Manufacturer: Asus
  • Release Time: Jan 19, 2005
  • File Size: 570 KB
  • Supported OS:Windows 9X,Windows ME,Windows NT,Windows 2K,Windows XP,Windows 2003,Windows Vista,Windows XP 64 bit,Windows 2008,Windows Vista 64 bit,Windows 7,Windows 7 64 bit,Windows 8,Windows 8 64 bit,Windows Android,Windows Server 2012,Windows OS Independent,Windows 8.1,Windows 8.1 64 bit,Windows 10,Windows 10 64 bit,Windows Linux,Windows Mac,Windows All,Windows Unix
  • Hardware:Asus driver


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Intel\'s 915/925 chipset launch got swallowed up in the cracks this last year as the people just were not ready it seems to embrace all the new changes in the Intel\'s latest platform. I have always been an Intel system user due to its robust multitasking ability, and even I did not jump onto the new LGA775 platform like I have with every other Intel release.

The reasons were many, but needless to say I have come around as I have seen how fast a properly configured 925XE system can be when combined with a high-end VGA card. When Intel released the 925XE chipset the people seemed to be more accepting of change and from the results I have seen a few heads have turned in favor of the new platform even though AMD\'s FX-55 and NF4 show stronger test scores in many areas.

The new Asus P5AD2-E is the flagship motherboard for their Pentium LGA775 line and it offers many features that make it a very coveted board for fans of Intel\'s new 925XE LGA775 platform.

Intel 925XE chipset
Intel LGA775 Pentium 4 CPU
Dual-Channel DDR2 533
Intel PAT
PCI Express Architecture
Wireless LAN onboard
Dual Gigabit LAN

Asus driver P5AD2-E Premium Bios driver Asus P5AD2-E Premium Bios